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How to Raise Your Vibration

Everything on the planet has a vibration. This vibration can vary considerably from very low to very high. If we take a hypothetical scale of 1- 40 with forty being at the high end and one being the lowest end we have a way to measure these vibrations if needed. To measure your own vibration draw round a dinner plate, divide the circle into 40 sections and then number them from one to forty. Take a dowsing-pendulum dangle it over the centre of your circle and then ask to be shown your own vibration. The pendulum can be influenced by thoughts so try to stay blank while doing it.

Vibrations can fluctuate many times a day depending on factors in the environment and on thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions will be at the lower end of the scale whereas happy and positive thoughts and emotions will be around the higher end.

Generally speaking the higher your vibration on a continual basis the healthier and happier you will feel, the more life-force you will have and the less negative "stuff" you will have to clear.

How to raise your vibration with food

Food takes energy to digest. The nearer to the earth,unpackaged,unprocessed and raw, the higher the vibration and the less energy it takes to digest. The more processed and refined the lower the vibration and the more we feel depleted and needing to sleep after a meal. This is one of the reasons why herbal plants and remedies work..not just because they contain vital nutrients but because they resonate at a high frequency.This in turn gives our bodies an energetic kick up the vibrational scale and in the process knocks out the stuck energies that stop us from being "in the flow". The best food is picked straight from the garden and eaten then and there, next best is freshly bought. Wild plants (edible weeds) have an advantage over cultivated plants because they carry a higher vibration and may even have the original genetic make-up (for example horsetail which is not edible in its raw state). The more rampant the weed (for example nettles) the more life-force they carry. It is interesting to note that many Chinese herbs known for their healing properties are rampant vines. Others are mushrooms. Nibbling the edible weeds around the garden will do more for your health than a sack full of supplements. Small amounts of edible nibbles with as much variety as possible on a daily basis will do wonders for your vibration too. Blessing the food with heartfelt thanks and gratitude can also raise its vibration. Any blessing that you feel is appropriate will do wonders for any food vibrationally. Try not to eat when angry or upset as this influences the vibration of the food.

How to raise your vibration with water

Water is a vibrational carrier and can carry all kinds of energetic messages with it. The water out of our taps is usually completely devoid of life-force energy. One way to energise it is to place it in a glass container and put it on an energy charging plate or into a TC carafe that restructures water giving it a high vibrational life-force energy which in turn boosts energy when we drink it. Other methods are placing on orgone or purple plates . Another very simple way to boost the energy of water is to write a message in gold ink on green paper and stick to a glass or glass jug facing inwards so that the water can "read" it. Words like "love" and "peace" and "health" will all change the vibration of the water. Masaro Emoto's water crystal work is scientific evidence of the power of thoughts, words and emotions on water. Its also important to note that we have water in our bodies and are similarly vibrationally influenced. If we can drink vibrationally clear water we allow the body to release toxins and energise itself. The energetic charge in our bodies needs water to function at its highest rate.

How to raise your vibration with thoughts and emotions

These have a powerful effect on us. Staying as much in the moment as possible and catching negative thoughts and cancelling them with a big red cross in our minds will do a lot to raise our vibration. The universe will send back the vibe we give out. If we are positive and joyful then the universe sends back many reasons for us to be positive and joyful. If we give off negative judgemental thoughts then the universe will give us more reason to be negative and judgemental. The universe is neutral and responds in kind. We make our realities and we attract to us the kinds of experiences that we subconsciously create with our thoughts and emotions. Until we are consciously aware of what we are creating we may need tools to help us maintain a high vibrational output. These tools can be personal or can be placed in the environment around us. It is always a good thing to have something that can put us back into balance if we get angry, fearful or depressed. A flower, picture or even an image of a tranquil place that we can imagine will all help to calm and bring us back to vibrational balance.

The Environment and EMF's

We live in a world full of Electro Magnetic Frequencies. Wi-Fi, cordless phones, mobile phones, computers, mobile masts etc. At best they challenge us to keep an energetic balance. At worst they win and we become sick, tired and low vibrational. The best advice is to switch everything electrical off at the mains at night. Leave only complete essentials running. Don't walk about with mobile phones switched on and in your pocket, don't turn them on in cars or confined metal spaces. Get rid of cable free phones and go back to the traditional type. EMF's are now widely recognised as being responsible for a number of illnesses because the body is constantly under attack by them and doesn't have the space to repair itself. Use Orgone to help keep an energetic environment in your house and work space.