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Effective Micro-organisms (EM)

EM Gold Drink/Pocket Ring

EM Gold Drink/Pocket Ring

This new shaped EM pocket "flower" changes water by breaking down the water clusters, thus reducing oxidation. Can be used in cooking, boiling and frying to protect from oxidation and rancidity. Changes the memory of water. It can also be carried in a pocket and can be used and reused indefinitely. It is smaller than the bath ring.

It weighs around 28grams and is 3.5cms in diameter.

Suggested Use: Simply place in a glass or container of water, allow at least 30 minutes for the ringstone to take effect.

Ingredients: Natural clay ceramics and EM.

Price: 31.99

EM  Gold Bath Ring

EM Gold Bath Ring

This powerful ceramic reduces the surface tension and energises water.

Based on a revolutionary firing process and the power of EM , this ring emits far-infrared energy that increases the hydration of the skin, stimulates circulation and facilitates detoxification.

Suggested Use: Simply place a ringstone in your bath water. It weighs around 100g and is approx 6cm in diameter.

Ingredients: Natural clay ceramics, EM-X and EM.

Price: 53.99

EM ceramic K-type pipes 500g

EM ceramic K-type pipes 500g

EM ceramics possess an extraordinary capacity for removing information of any kind from water to return it to its original state of purity. EM ceramics also have the ability to prevent oxidation and direct matter in the direction of regeneration. They act as a medium transferring information from the EM, which has been fired into the clay, to the water energising and restructuring it. They can be placed in fish or water tanks and ponds to structure water and reduce dirt and slime build-up. A handful of these pipes in the washing will structure the water and increase the cleansing power of soaps. As they are heat tolerant they can control oxidation and free radical production when cooking and frying. When storing oils place a few in the bottle to prevent rancidity. Place a few in the fridge to extend the freshness of produce or place in a vase of flowers to keep fresh. There are endless ways to use them.

These pipes have a hole in the centre, can be used and reused and should never need to be replaced.

Price: 25.99

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