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Scout FireSteel

Scout FireSteel

Start that fire easily without matches. Not suitable for young children. About 8cm long. Comes with full instructions. Choose your preferred colour from the drop down list. Approx 3,000 strikes.

Price: 9.99

Army FireSteel

Army FireSteel

With approx 12,000 strikes at 3,000°C. Comes with full instructions for lighting fires, stoves etc. About 10cm long. Used worldwide.

Price: 14.99

Army Oak Firesteel

Army Oak Firesteel

Out of stock

As above but with an oak handle.

Price: 14.99

EM-X  Gold Drink Stone

EM-X Gold Drink Stone

Add an EM-X® Gold Drink Stone to drinking water to change its composition. Your water will taste good, even gentle.

Activates water through the reduction of water clusters, which causes a reduction of the surface tension resulting in reduced oxidation. With an infra-red radiant effect, the stone has an almost unlimited life and is easy to use. Simply place the stone in a water jug and enjoy the effects. The stone is suitable for use in all cold drinks.

Price: 39.99

EM -X Gold Bath Stone

EM -X Gold Bath Stone

This powerful ceramic reduces the surface tension and energises water.

Based on a revolutionary firing process and the power of EM , this ring emits far-infrared energy that increases the hydration of the skin, stimulates circulation and facilitates detoxification.

Suggested Use: Simply place a ringstone in your bath water. It weighs around 100g and is approx 6cm in diameter.

Ingredients: Natural clay ceramics, EM-X

With the help of the Bath Stone, you can improve water quality as it reduces water clusters (crystalline molecular chains), surface tension and neutralizes electromagnetic fields. The ceramics also emit infrared vibrations. This affects our bodies, which consist of about 60% water, by activating blood circulation.

Recommended for those who have stiff shoulders, pain in the neck, and muscle aches, and like to take a bath in water with high quality and energy.

Price: 73.99

EM ceramic  Grey Pipes 500g

EM ceramic Grey Pipes 500g

EM Ceramics have many usages and benefits including:

Improving the quality of drinking water, the taste is softer

Drawing out unnecessary chemicals, cleanses and restores water, naturally

Extending the shelf life of food

Neutralising odours and preventing the formation of odours

Helping cells and plants/animals/humans to absorb fluids more easily

Helping cut flowers stay fresh longer

For plants, creating a physical barrier against pathogens. It also helps to heal the plant

Price: 30.99

 Small Purple Plate (EIP original)

Small Purple Plate (EIP original)

Original Enery International EIP Positive Energy Tesla Purple Plates invented by Ralph Bergstresser & manufactured in Arizona

The original Tesla Small Purple Plate is 4.5 inches x 2.75 inches. Made from purple anodised aluminium that has been altered by man-made equipment to be in resonance with the universal energy (that of unconditional love).

Price: 22.99

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Rotating Angel Tealight Holder

Rotating Angel Tealight Holder

This lovely little metal Tea light holder spins when the candle is lit. The four Angels spin around and the light makes patterns on the wall. Height 14cms. Scroll down to buy.

Price: 7.99

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Rotating CherubTealight Holder

Rotating CherubTealight Holder

This lovely little metal Tea light holder spins when the candle is lit. The Cherubs spin around and the light makes patterns on the wall. Height 14cms. Scroll down to buy.

Price: 8.99

Pocket Magnifying Glass

Pocket Magnifying Glass

This neat little metal Magnifying Glass is approx 3.5cm long and 3cm wide. The glass is 10x in magnification and folds away for protection.

Price: 3.99