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What is Pendulum Dowsing?

When dowsing with a crystal dowsing pendulum or any other type of dowsing pendulum it is easier to describe the physical aspects of what happens than to descrice the non-physical invisible aspects. There is controversy over what actually happens when people dowse with pendulums. Some say it is a connection to our higher selves, others a connection to spirit and some believe it is a connection to our deeper consciousness.

How to Dowse with a Pendulum

Anything can be used to dowse with. It does not have to be a crystal pendulum or a wooden pendulum. A washer on a string will work. However most people have a favourite crystal or wooden pendulum made specifically for dowsing.

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To begin to dowse be as present and focused as possible. The best answers from dowsing pendulums are achieved when the outcome is not vital and personal involvement is not over emotional. Try to be in a calm balanced space. Hold the pendulum chain or chord between the thumb and first finger and give it a gentle swing backwards and forwards. The first questions will be to find out which way the pendulum swings for a yes and which way it swings for a no. Ask the pendulum questions you already know the answer to. For example you could ask the question "am I male" or "am I female". Once you have determined which way it swings you can begin with simple questions. Some people find it helpful to make a chart from a circle or half circle and divide it into sections. This can be used to find out which Bach Flower Remedy or vitamins to take or what the best way forward would be out of a number of choices.