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Mandala Energy Cards/Pictures

These amazing energy tools from Yantara Jiro Goh are written in languages of light. These tools have been created to help people on their Earth journey by generating support and easing the way.Yantara Jiro states that "By understanding the Laws of Energy and the movement of the Universe, One can create amazing awareness with the Mind of a Universe! ".

Here at The Blue Sun we have experienced incredible vibrational increases and flashes of deep understanding from having these Mandala cards around. We can't recommend them highly enough. Simply have them around the house, meditate with them or just look at them. Source information constantly flows from them opening the heart and mind of all.

They come in a set of four (21cmx 15cm)

The Temple Of Transfiguration- The Golden Ray

The Temple Of Transfiguration- The Golden Ray

Whilst Yantara Jiro Goh was in Egypt on 11:11 Stargate opening 2008, the Golden Ray entered through the Apex of the Great Pyramid into this granite Sarcophagus. He stayed in this amazing sound chamber for 2 hours, toning OM in a group and various other light languages. The Golden Ray entered through the Crown and 3rd Eye illuminating light codings from both Orion and Sirius awakening as the Golden Egg. The symbols shown here are light codings from this alignment and seek to illuminate the Golden Ray within. The 2 mandalas on each side of the wall opens the Central Sun of the Heart to the sacred sound within.

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 Language Of The Heart

Language Of The Heart

A Mandala written in Languages of Light that opens the heart into a completely different dimension of Love and Unity with Source. This Mandala containsmantras of Creation, Grids and Light Codes. It supports completely opening and surrendering to the Source Within and opening the Heart Transcending beyond into the infinity. It connects the Heart to the Sun and the Source within the Heart.
 Heart Flower

Heart Flower

This Mandala Card written in Languages of Light harmonizes grids in all spaces and is ideal for framing in homes, schools, workspaces, offices and for use in meditation. Lumeria Crystal blooms into the Heart Grid of Star Wisdom.

Peace and Compassion

The fourth Mandala card in the set, for which there is presently no picture available, is a Lotus for Peace and Compassion. Written in Languages of light the Lotus of Peace and Compassion radiates infinitely in the hearts and minds of Humanity. One who awakens, illuminates and Germinates the seeds of love whenever he/she meets another.