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Orgone Energy Transformers

About  Quantohm Orgone

About Quantohm Orgone

We are now selling Quantohm energy products made from entirely natural ingredients and therefore suitable for chemically sensitive people. It replaces all of the previously made resin orgone. Each piece is uniquely individual with patterns and swirls. This range carries a clearing and energising heart energy. It also carries a stillness which allows anyone holding it or placing it near them to connect much more to their inner selves.. It is perfect for EMFs as well as negative energies and leylines. It can be placed where it is needed the most, for eg near computers,modems, cable free phones, electrical boxes, under beds, near plants and much more. Only place outside undercover.

TCenergy Large Energy Plate

TCenergy Large Energy Plate

Made of glass with a golden Flower of life burnt into the base This 22 cm wide energy plate can be used for liquids and food (not very hot though) for revitalising and energising. Good for travelling and away eating and drinking. Can be used for cleansing and clearing crystals.

Price: 35.99

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