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The Gentle Art of Not Knowing

At the time of writing this there are a group of miners being pulled up from a mine in Chile. At this very moment half of them have been rescued. On August 5th 2010 those thirty-three men were clueless that their day down the mine had no intention of ending in the usual way. A fall of rocks trapped them down there until October 13th and 14th 2010. The first 17 days in the dark were amongst their worst days there for they did not know if they would come out alive. Each person right then and there began their individual journey to a far deeper understanding of whatever life meant to them and also what death meant to them too. Some continued on in fear right to the end and found it all a living hell. Others put their trust in God and the universe and took each moment as it came and acted accordingly and for them it deepened their spiritual connection and made the experience one of being in the now and not that of a living hell on earth. The physical outcome for the men was the same. They were all rescued one by one from the mine by stepping into the appropriately named Phoenix capsule and being winched to the surface.

Life is a bit like that if not a lot like that. Something happens. We have no idea what the outcome may be but we can choose how we behave whilst it is happening. We can act on it or we can react to it. Acting on it is taking the necessary steps as each moment unfolds without adding more stories to it. Just looking the facts in the face and then doing whatever is needed. Reacting to it is more of a knee-jerk reaction that can lead into more dramas. Stories are added, fears are dramatised and things begin to go off at a tangent

Thirty-three men and probably thirty-three different experiences. Millions of people on the earth and all having their own unique experience. Our experiences of life depend very much on what we hold as our limitations and expectations, our past experiences, our stories and also on how much we let go and allow ourselves to peacefully not know the outcome.

To not know the outcome but to still trust and hold it all together and allow what will be to be shows great strength and spiritual understanding.

We simply do not know the outcome of many many things. Even the seemingly little things as well as the big things. We can go through our day and not know the profound effect a word said or a smile given or a kind action can have on the lives of those around us. To not know the effect of the beautiful email sent or the kind text message should not stop us from sending more. We can only see the small screen from where we are standing. The larger screen may become visible as time passes or maybe never at all. How about doing these things because we are them from the core outwards and not because we want thanks or recognition. What is life all about if at the end of the day we cannot feel that we have acted from our hearts and been the vibrancy of life itself no matter what . That is living the gentle art of not knowing.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and at any moment the Phoenix can rise and transform our lives beyond our wildest dreams... Ask the miners :-)