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Reality and Orgone

The illusion of our reality is a very strong illusion. Some would say that there is no illusion and that our reality is what it is. As we create or bring to us those things that match our belief system then both statements are true in this 3D dimension we call life. The paradox of all this is that if we create what we believe and believe what we create then we can always find proof of our beliefs around us. We tend to group together with others in our belief/creation bubbles so they get reinforced and grow and we stay away from people that do not agree with our perception of life. If you have ever read "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett you will have an amusing and yet serious illustration of how this works. The tortoise "god" wanted more than one believer so that he can return to his former glory and smite once more. The ending will not be included here so as not to spoil the book for those that have yet to read it but suffice it to say that he got more believers and changes certainly happened.

It has been said that we cannot fix the problem from the same level the problem has been created. This is a deep and very revealing statement to take on board. Taken to its furthermost reaches it means that all the problems in our 3D world cannot be fixed through 3D world thinking because it comes from the same place as the problem.

Look at the greatest inventions, music and arts of our times. Van Gogh, Mozart, Einstein to name a few. Inspirational and out of the box. Not from the same place at all as 3D. Their inspiration flowed through them from source, the universe, spirit, it whatever you wish as labels don't matter. To create something from that place we have to be able to get out of our own way and just allow something to be, to flow through and then create it in this physical reality. If we create in this way then whatever is created will have that beauty, that connection, that out of the box quality. It will be from the heart and resonate with a deep inner truth. If we create from the 3D only with our minds tight on controlling the outcome we get something clunky and truly well in the box of our belief systems.

It doesn't matter who we are or what our belief systems and bubbles are. We all have a connection to "that space" within. To use it we must allow whatever is to be whatever it is. To step back from trying to control and let the flow happen. To respond and not react and to ground through an "out of the box" experience into this reality. The universe is constantly reaching out and beaming true inspiration and creativity down through all its life forms. There are many who will receive that inspiration as well as many who are closed to it. Again the choice is ours. Truly our choice.

What has this all to do with Orgone? To connect to the space within and allow whatever is to flow through, brings solutions to problems in a 3D world. Orgone is one such solution that is ever evolving and flowing through the people that create it. The problem it is solving is the problem of modern technology impinging on our energy fields. It clears and balances the energies bringing us back to living in our own space. A space where we are free to discover truths for ourselves and maybe discover that all ideas, concepts ways of being and thinking are all true in 3D.

That doesn't however make the illusion more believable or unbelievable but it does open the door to getting out of our boxes and bubbles and seeing reality in a completely different way from a completely different part of ourselves.

by PR