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Manifesting Techniques

With a vast array of books to choose from on manifesting our reality and a multitude of methods it has been made clear that the basics are best kept simple.

1. Be absolutely clear about what it is you want - if you are unclear you may get a jumble of happenings.

2. Be excited, passionate,inspired about what you want to manifest - this produces the energetic vibrational strength to make it happen. You have to really really want this event/thing happening in your life.

3. It is fine to want something specific but the broader the brush the more chance you have of the universe getting something even better to appear -Total abundance in all areas, constant happiness and joy, rewarding and fulfilling relationships with people...

4. We can't see the whole picture so stay out of the "hows". What we see is what we have created so far and this does not limit what can be. Anything is possible. Stay away from thinking that what you want is impossible just because you can't see how it will happen given the circumstances you are in right now.

5. Act and think as if you already have it. Never dwell on the lack of something and the not haves because what you focus on and think about most of the time is what you will get. For example you may want peace in the world but focusing on all the wars and not wanting those will not bring peace. What you focus on is what you get whether it is a "not want" or a "want". So focusing on not wanting war will feed energy into war. Just focus on the image of a peaceful world. See yourself walking about in it. See the way people are peaceful with each other and the way they live and interact with their environment. Whilst creating these images also raise your feelings to inspired, excited and passionate. "Yes we live in a beautiful world!!!"

6. Thoughts are vibrations. We are broadcasting stations for vibrational energy. Our thoughts transmit 24/7 and are constantly creating our realities. Be aware of what you are thinking. Take control of your transmitter because what you put out is what you get back. Everything in our universe is vibrational energy and we affect it.

7. Use the way you feel as a monitor of your thoughts. If you feel depressed, angry, frightened, sad, frustrated, jealous etc then know that your thoughts are off track for creating a reality you want to be in. Feelings are vibrations and vibrations create reality. If you give off happiness most of the time then the universe will match that vibration and cause events to make you feel happy. If you feel and think abundance and gratitude then the universe will match that vibration to bring you events that make you feel abundant and grateful.

8.Take it in small steps. You can't jump from feeling depressed to wildly happy. Look for something positive in the situation you are in that will make you feel slightly better about what is happening. Always go from where you are and improve your feeling vibrations bit by bit.

9. We are already experts at manifesting. We have done it all our lives. Trouble is we are probably experts at producing a very limited and jumbled version of reality. If we choose we can be aware and take charge of what we think. We don't have to be tossed about in the storm of our thoughts and feelings and float like jellyfish in this sea of reality.

10. Make a list of ten things you want to manifest in your life. Then rate them from 1-10 on believability scale. "I would like a castle in Spain" might rate a one out of ten because you don't think it is possible however a pay rise of £100 a month might rate an eight or above. Start with the things you believe are possible and work your way up. Belief that you can manifest this thing/event is vitally important otherwise you will sabotage it with your thoughts and feelings of how impossible it is right now for you.
Manifesting with Orgone

Manifesting with Orgone

We can use Orgone as a tool to help manifest our reality. It won't do all the work for but it can help raise vibration and clear out negative energies. The constant EMF soup from our modern technology can stop us from functioning at our best and can cause a whole range of negative emotions like depression, frustration, anger and physical tiredness. Orgone can help balance that and help maintain a more positive attitude. Just placing it around our homes and gardens can do a lot to improve our vibrational output.

More direct manifesting can be done by writing what we want to manifest on a piece of paper and then placing it on Orgone. It doesn't matter which piece of Orgone you use. It should be written as if it is so already. For example "I am abundant and happy", "My life is full of joyful happenings" "I have a wonderful relationship with a totally compatible person " "My life just gets better and better everyday". If it is written as a request for the future "I want to be happy and abundant " "I want to be in a perfect relationship", then it will always stay out of reach and in the future. Don't forget that this also goes for the visualisations. See yourself in the scenario and feel the feelings you would feel if you had this wonderful thing/event right now. Feel,touch,smell,taste and hear the events.

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