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God Knocks

God knocks on the door of mind and says

"Look here, I have brought you a brochure of heaven. Isn’t it spectacular? Wouldn’t you like to step into heaven and try it?"

The mind swells with pride at being asked, ignores God and looks closely at the brochure. "There’s no ensuite and the pools are green," it mutters. "I see that the celestial music is non stop and I’m not sure I could take that. The food looks alright but there’s no chips and beer as far as I can see. What’s this about omnipresence - that mean you’re in the bathrooms too? The robes look a bit strange - do we have to wear them? I’ve been to Blackpool and it was great fun in the evenings - non of this celestial stuff going on there. Have you ever been there God? Now that’s the place you need to go to - candy floss and glo-sticks, bingo halls and fast rides. Chips everywhere and the pubs open all night. Rooms with ensuite and the sea to swim in all day. Lovely time I had - shall I get the photos to show you God?"

God? ..

God knocks on the door of the heart and says

"Here is heaven within you - can you feel it? How would you like to stay there?"

Heart bursts and sobs at the wondrous feelings And needs no second invitation.

By Sanfa Re