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What is Gifting with Orgone?

There are a number of people throughout many countries of the world who are 'gifting' with orgone. This means simply that they are placing orgone in strategic places so that it can have a beneficial effect on the environment and the people that live in that environment. Depending on where it is placed it will send ripples of balancing energy in all directions. The gifters are generally people who want to clean up the energy around them so that they and others can live in harmony and balance wherever they happen to be. Most people involved with selling Orgone will be involved with gifting the environment and The Blue Sun is no exception to this.

Electrically sensitive people

These people are like the canaries down the mine. They are showing signs of distress because their bodies cannot adjust to the onslaught of EMFs (Electrical Magnetic Frequencies)and they become ill. They are ultimately showing us how out of balance our modern world has become. EMFs are everywhere as these sensitive people will testify when they try to find a comfortable place to be in. Quantohm Orgone has been proven to help people like this. Our Orgone is completly natural . The Tree of Life clinic in Southampton is having good results with electrically sensitive people ( and recommends the use of Orgone

How to Gift with Orgone

It is not so much the amount of orgone pieces placed but where they are placed that has an effect. Orgone transforms energy. Things like mobile masts become fountains of balanced energy if orgone is placed near them. The uncomfortable energy from the mast is transformed through the piece of orgone by jiggling about between the resin,metal and crystal and then emerging free of its tainted mast energy. It does not alter the function of the mast in any way but it certainly alters the vibration of the energy coming from it. This is particularly important if a mast is clamped to a school, church or highrise block of flats. There is a large rise in the number of masts and towers being erected so consequently the need for orgonite/orgone has increased.Water is an amplifier of Orgone energy so damp places are a good place to bury it near or drop it in. It is not safe to place in drinking water and fish tanks etc. Bushes and trees love it and work with it by amplifying the energies (bury it near them) It is known to enhance plant growth so it is a two way thing. It has been noted that a direct placement on plants - on the soil or pot or dug into the soil near the plant has a greater effect on plant growth than plants being vaguely near orgonite. Leylines are cleared by Orgone if it is buried along its lines and where it crosses with another Leyline. Power points where the energy is naturally high , like mountain tops, stone circles,churches and crystaline structures respond particularly well to a boost of Orgone energy and each amplifies the other creating a powerful cleansing stream of 'light'.

Gifting Cities and Towns

Cities and towns do not have the advantage of nature to cleanse them of unwanted energies. Where someone out in nature could sit by a stream or large tree and get refreshed and cleansed energetically, the city rarely offers anything in the way of 'feeding and repairing the soul'. This is where Orgone comes in because it can bring about a noticeable balance and cleansing. Most gifters who live in cities start with their own houses first and work outwards. They use their understanding of what amplifies and pushes Orgone to work harder and if they are sensitive they also use their sensitive side to 'feel' where the energy is not life-enhancing. Popular places for gifting are down wet drains (this amplifies and cleanses the energy under the city} by mobile masts, on flat roofs, under stones, in cracks in brickwork, down pipes,under bushes, in graveyards, buried in parks, buried or placed by pylons and power lines, near satelite dishes, anywhere possible in Wi-Fi areas, by electricity generating stations etc Most gifters realise that their 'gift' is best hidden or may be carried away by someone (in which case it will be doing good work somewhere else). New Quantohm Orgone for those hard to gift places is also available. This Orgone can be placed in the tiniest of places and thrown anywhere as it is virtually impossible to find once in place. It also has been thoroughly tested in many situations and has been shown to be extremely powerful despite its tiny size.

How many pieces of Orgone and how close?

This is a commonly asked question and doesn't have a simple answer. In the countryside where the population is sparse and towers are few then it will inevitably take less orgone pieces to have the desired effect. Having said this it is amazing how the population of an area tends to fix its vibration. Masuro Emoto noticed that when he collected rainfall above certain towns and then froze the water and looked at the crystals he noticed the difference in consciousness between one town and another. Some crystals were beautifully formed whilst others lacked symmetry. People tend to congregate in their own consciousness groups. Put in another way it could be said that people, given the choice, go where they feel comfortable.

The more densely packed a population is and the more towers it has the more orgone it will need. Placing the orgone where it will have maximum effect will reduce the amount needed. Towers and masts seem to sprout everywhere continually. This means that vigilance is probably a good thing to keep up with the continuous changes in energy patterns around us. In the Uk pylons are often used for clamping on extras too. It is probably safe to say that all larger pieces like CLBs will need supporting with smaller pieces and that all towers in an area should have their own piece of orgonite placed within 100 metres of them. Known ancient sites should be gifted as they sit on major energy lines, as do churches. Sensitive people can measure the effect of the orgonite and can feel when it has done its job. Those that are less sensitive may find the use of dowsing pendulums work for them (although these can be affected by the beliefs of the dowser)

Finger pointing

It is so easy to forget that we are also generators of energy and vibration. We are also human orgone. We process energies and give off energies. Our thoughts create waves of energy. We can choose to be transmitters of good vibes, happy vibes, love vibes, gratitude vibes, life-enhancing vibes or we can choose to do quite the opposite. It is our choice. Our external world is a mirror of our internal world and each individual is part of the collective choice. There is nothing greater we can do for the world and ourselves than to clean up our inner landscape.