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Dowsing Questions

It is vital to ask simple and clear questions when dowsing as many questions can be construed in different ways and the pendulum will answer all questions literally. It is no good asking if a certain person would be suitable for you in a relationship because that is too broad and may get you confused answers. Asking the pendulum for a 1 to ten score for the person with the intent that ten is the highest will get you a better answer. if you don't have a chart with numbers written out then simply ask the pendulum "are they a one?" "are they a two?" etc until you get a yes answer.

The suitability of vitamins, herbs and minerals may also be checked. An example question would be "do I need to take vitamins"? If the answer is yes then one of the ways to find out what vitamins you need would be to make a circular chart and write the names of the vitamins in the sections. Hold the pendulum in the middle of the chart and ask it to show you which ones you need. The pendulum will swing into the sections of the vitamins you need. Wait until it has done a full circle before stopping it. Another way would be to dowse over vitamin bottles and ask "Is this one suitable?" If there are a large number of things and you don't want to spend a long time dowsing all of them then put them into groups and ask "Is it in this group?" Then go to the bottles in the group and divide them again until you get to the bottle for you.

Dowsing the future

The future depends on many things. There is an infinite number of choices to be made and also a number of possible futures. These possible futures can be read by the pendulum but the they are only possibilities and not dead cert answers. It is best therefore to leave the future alone and address the question differently. Is this a good choice of house for me right now? Is that a good choice of job for me right now? Keep the questions in the now or ask about things that have already happened. Keep a clear head when asking your question as a pendulum will be confused by a question and then a barrage of thoughts.