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Wild Animals with Orgone

Animals are an excellent indication of the effects of Orgone in the environment. They don't think or analyze, they go with the flow of things. Animals know when violent storms are approaching, they flee areas when Tsunamis are about to happen and they act instinctively to protect themselves from dangers that are sensed. When given a choice animals refuse to eat GM food. Animals sense energy in balance and will instinctively avoid energy that is out of balance.

Animals appear to be attracted to Orgone. Dolphins have been reported to carry Orgone off into the sea. They sense where it is in the water and then collect it and carry it off into the depths. It seems that animals have a natural affinity with Orgone, or rather the life force energy that Orgone gives off.

Here at The Blue Sun we hear frequent stories of how Orgone has been influencing wild animals. People have reported that after using Quantohm Orgone around the boundaries of their land, deer have suddenly appeared out of the woods and walked those boundaries, lingering in full sight. They are probably glad they don't have bears in there. Others have reported that they have had a massive increase in birds to their bird tables and nesting boxes after placing Orgone pieces in their gardens and some that bees have swarmed in their trees. There are many times that birds come and sit on freshly made Orgone pieces when they are placed outside here at The Blue Sun.

In an uncertain environment full of EMFs, Wi-fi, mobile phones and digital signals etc it is no wonder that the life force of Orgone is making a noticeable difference to animals. They, like us, function on their intuitive senses. We may not use our intuitive senses as much as animals because we have the ability to reason and think ourselves out of responding to our gut reactions. They don't. They respond in the moment and are completely in the now.

Pets and Orgone

Pets too are responding to Orgone. One dog in a treatment centre went into the corner of the room behind furniture and brought out an Orgone sphere. It chose the treatment it wanted. Orgone was not a treatment choice at the time but the dog knew what it wanted and needed. Other pets have been reported to choose a particular chair or bed to sleep on because of the Orgone placed under it. Fish have been known to gather on the side of the fish tank that has Orgone placed under it (never in it) and will move when the Orgone is moved around.

Animals don't choose to live in an energy soup of EMFs. We choose it for them..perhaps we could learn a lot from observing nature.