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60 Quantohm "Intent/Number Code" Pocket Hearts

60 Quantohm

These hearts are the same as the pocket hearts above but thinner. Thery are perfect for writing intents or Grigori Grabavoi healing numbers on or any of the other healing codes. When writing intents keep it entirely positive by writing short phrases like "perfect health, complete abundance, perfect vision " etc. Healing codes and numbers can be written on both sides and can be carried around in pockets. The fingers of the right hand appear to have a profound absorbing effect when holding the numbers/intents written on the orgone. The orgone energises and amplifies and the body absorbs. The hearts are approx 3.5cm in diameter, three cm in length and appro x 0.5cm in depth. The depth varies. Comes with 6 free large flat hearts and a vortex.

Price: 58.00