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Herbs and Super Foods in Bulk

Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) 60g

Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) 60g

Gynostemma is also widely known as Jiaogulan. . This is top quality Gynostemma (only leaves and no twiggy pieces) and is now sold in 60g packets.

Price: 3.30

1kg Himalayan Fine Ground Salt

1kg Himalayan Fine Ground Salt

Pure ground Himalayan Salt ready to eat. One of the healthiest salts on the earth, it was formed thousands of years ago and contains 84 essential minerals. Mined in the Himalayas and untreated, this salt is the perfect way to nourish the body with essential natural ionic minerals. It is recommended that the salt is placed in a screw top jar to prevent it from becoming damp.

Price: 12.99

The Capsule Machine size 0

The Capsule Machine size 0

Makes 25 size 0 capsules in just a few minutes. Easy and quick to do. A gem of a machine which comes complete with tamper, spreading card and complete instructions

Price: 14.99


Size "00"Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler,Tamper

This hand operated capsule filling machine produces batches of 50 size "00" capsules. It comes with a tamper to ensure complete filling of each capsule and a spreader to distribute the powder

We do not sell capsules for this capsule filler.

Price: 20.99

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53g (approximately 500) Empty Size O Vegetarian Capsules

53g (approximately 500) Empty Size O Vegetarian Capsules

Packet of 53g (approximately 500) vegetarian capsules size 0 suitable for use in The Capsule Machine

Price: 9.49