About Quantohm Orgone

This orgone replaces all former resin type orgone/orgonite. It is made from entirely natural ingredients and is suitable for even the most chemically sensitive people. Having made and used both types of orgone/orgonite this natural type is the favourite of The Blue Sun. It works in harmony with nature as well as people and their living spaces. It raises vibrations and clears energies gently and yet with strength. It has a high, fine, subtle vibration. Plants love this type of orgone/orgonite and a small heart placed in a pot will enhance plant growth. Placed in plastic bags and buried in the ground all of this Quantohm orgone has a massive clearing and energising effect on the environment. We also find that this type of orgone/orgonite works extremely well with Grigori Grabavoi codes. Simply write the numbers on the orgone and carry in a pocket,,sleep with it under the pillow, place under glasses of water, bury underground, broadcast on the top of cones or whichever way you choose.