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Shungite has really been brought to the worlds attention because of its amazing properties and uniqueness as a crystal. It looks similar to coal and leaves black dust on the hands when handled. Shungite is found in one place called Zazhoginskoye near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.

Shungite is unique in that it contains Fullerenes. Fullerenes are a form of carbon molecule that is neither graphite nor diamond. They consist of a spherical, ellipsoid, or cylindrical arrangement of dozens of carbon atoms. Fullerenes were named after Richard Buckminster Fuller, an architect known for the design of geodesic domes which resemble spherical fullerenes in appearance. A spherical fullerene looks like a soccer ball, and are often called "buckyballs," whereas cylindrical fullerenes are known as "buckytubes" or "nanotubes." Shungite is a mineral black carbon.

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EMFs and Shungite

Shungite has been used by the military for EMF protection. It is excellent for high frequency emissions and is used in protective EMF paints and patented designs for aircraft. It is a crystal with a lot of potential.

Shungite and water

Shungite is used in some large city reservoirs to clean up the water. It is also sold for home use to use in the bottom of water jugs for sparkling clean water.

Shungite and Healing

Shungite has been found to aid balancing and healing by absorbing negative energy output. It aids the body in its healing and helps restore emotional balance.

Cleaning Shungite

Personal Shungite needs cleaning every couple of days and more so if there have been a lot of emotional issues. It also has to be cleaned or grounded out if used for EMFs -for example some people sell it for mobile phone use. After trialling it here at The Blue Sun we came to the conclusion that it really does a good job absorbing EMFs and negative energies BUT it quickly becomes full and if it is not thoroughly cleaned out it will start to radiate whatever it has absorbed. People trialling the personal pieces of Shungite began to feel tense and uncomfortable with the Shungite on the second day of carrying it in a pocket. Immediate relief was felt once the Shungite was removed. Fresh pieces of Shungite made people feel good, energised and balanced. However..Shungite mixed into orgone does not need cleaning.

Shungite and Orgone

Shungite and Orgone were made for each other. Orgone absorbs and transmutes energies. Shungite absorbs and needs clearing once it is full. Shungite powder mixed into resin with powdered metal and gold leaf makes a very powerful piece of Orgone because in this partnership the Shungite is constantly cleared and the absorption of the orgone is increased. This is to date one of the most powerful Orgone energy combinations we have found. They Rock! Shungite can also be cleaned using smudging (burning sage) and by being placed on a TC energy plate

orgone-shungite sphere orgone-shungite-donut

Orgone is no longer available



No longer available

No longer available.orgone-MicroSolar-Shungite-Globe

This pendant is made entirely of Shungite Crystal

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