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Orgone Energy Transformers


A free piece of BlueSun Orgone is given out with all orders for any product on the website.

Orgone helps change energy from negative to positive and is useful in a large number of situations. Increasingly people are getting concerned about their environment, homes and work places and are turning to Orgone for help.

Orgone brings life force into stagnant areas. It raises vibrations and helps produce a balanced environment to support electrically sensitive people and change negative environments. Nature also benefits and many Orgone makers gift the environment placing the Orgone where it will have maximum effect.

Sensitive people who suffer in houses where there are leylines, electrical gadgets like computers, tvs, satelite dishes or even mobile phone masts close by, are helped by the strategic placing of orgone.


If you need help with choosing or placing orgone please email or phone (01597 851144)The Blue Sun and we'll do our best to help.

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Children's Orgone

Although any Orgone can be used for children The Blue Sun has come up with a beautiful range of Ogone Teddies making it extra special for the child. The Orgone Teddy is not a toy and should not be given to small children to play with. These are working decorative pieces only, suitable for any child's bedroom or playroom. What better gift for a child than EMF protection and energetic calming and balancing.

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Orgone Angel

This little angel and a few others have been inspired by Christmas but are not just for Christmas. They can be hung on a sturdy branch of the festive tree and will work gently at raising the vibrations. Place in a window or a place where light can shine through them but not near heat. Some sit on hospital bedsides and some ride around in cars(as passengers). All the Blue Sun angels have pure gold and silver in them. Some of them are pictured below. Magic.

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Personal Orgone

There is a whole range of personal BlueSun Orgone for carrying around in pockets or placing under pillows, in handbags or wallets etc. It enhances the energy field of the person carrying it and will transform EMF's and shield the body.

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Orgone has the amazing ability to wipe out the negative energies coming off anything electrical. It not only wipes them out but transforms the energy into positive energy. It appears to manifest curious instances of synchronicity, and has a less than subtle way of showing how it works (it makes it very obvious). It has the ability to change atmosphere almost instantly in work places and in situations where there are high amounts of stress. It is also able to transform electro smog, sick house syndrome, unwanted and invasive energies from pylons, communication towers, Tetra and Microwave and any other unwanted negative energies.

Environmental uses for Orgone are enormous. Amongst others, It transforms the energy of water, it helps plants grow more abundantly and it tackles chem trails.

It comes in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking larger pieces can take on larger areas. All of our BlueSun Orgone has a mixture of densities within each piece allowing it to tackle light energy demands and heavy energy demands. Each piece is unique and the pictures are only a general indication of what you will receive when you order BlueSun Orgone.

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What to do with Orgone

For smaller pieces of BlueSun Orgone the best way to use them indoors is to place them in each corner of your house, on top of computers and electrical boxes, place under your bed, under or beside water tanks and main water pipes, place in the cistern of your toilet, by phones and photocopiers, on Wi-Fi, place in cars under the drivers seat and in the boot. Place near satelite dishes, under pylons near your house, on ley lines and disturbed energies anywhere. Take to work and place on machines and on work desks. Carry it in your pocket. Place outside in the environment. to save electricity bills place over the electricity this is not just an does work.


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Orgone at the Blue Sun are constantly evolving and changing. There is now a completely new range of BlueSun Orgone called the Micro-solar range using shungite crystal powder and metal powders. There are spheres, house sets and personal pieces available in this range. If you are unsure which piece is suitable for you just give us a ring and we will do the best we can to help.

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BlueSun Orgone for living and working spaces

BlueSun Orgone for the environment and larger areas

Orgone for personal use

Orgone Angels

An Overview of Blue Sun Orgone Choices



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Wholesale Orgone for those wishing to sell our orgone please buy the multi packs. If this is not what you are after please phone us for more details. 01591 620298

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