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Orgone Pendants

Orgone Pendants have been made possible through the development of the new Micro-Orgone. This powerful new form of Blue Sun Orgone has opened up a whole new range of Orgone products. These Orgone crystal pendants have a special form of Micro-Orgone attached to them giving them a very powerful output of life-force energy. The Micro-Orgone amplifies the crystal properties which in turn begin to work immediately balancing and energising the pendant wearer.



Micro-Orgone Moldavite Pendants

Each one of these Orgone Moldavite pendants is completely unique. Moldavite on its own is a very powerful crystal. Moldavite with Micro-Orgone is amplified and quite intense. The whole of the energy field is expanded as the Moldavite and Orgone energy raise cleanse and balance the energy field. Higher states of consciousness can be reached in meditation when wearing Moldavite pendants.

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Micro-Orgone Rose Quartz Heart Pendants

Beautiful Rose Quartz pendants with Micro-Orgone working together to amplify heart energies. Each one is completely unique and like other Micro-Orgone Pendants the energies are very strong.


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Micro-Orgone Crystal Pendants

These Micro-Orgone pendants come in a range of crystals held in a spiral cage. Each pendant is unique and amplifies the crystaline energies as well as clearing and balancing the energy field. They come with an adjustable cotton cord.


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Micro-Orgone Angel Pendants

These crystal pendants are available in a selection of different crystals and each one is unique. The Orgone amplifies the crystal properties and this in turn works on the energy field of the wearer. Comes with an adjustable cotton cord.

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