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A Free gift with every order

NEW TC Energy Products for people serious about the quality of their water and it's Life-force energy More Here

TC Mythos Gold

TC Alladin




TC Energy Plate


Drinking Straw


Feng Shui tools

A range of dragons, Fu dogs concave mirrors and more




Tumble stones, Spheres, Water Cleansing, Pendants and more


Educational Kits

Children's gifts - various colourful and original gift ideas for children -bugs in a box, money boxes, finger puppets,larger hand puppets,sockette puppets, push toys, Purple Plates, Tic Tac Toe, Wilberry dolls,Friendship bracelets,Guatamalan worry dolls, juggling balls, Teaching Mitts, Play Parachutes , Educational kits, Orgone teddies, tesla purple plates Wilberry rag dolls Children's Educational Fun Kits Make your own Crystal Radio or Pinhole Camera. Try French knitting, Pond Dipping,Bug Hunting and more.

Rocks and Crystals - Natural pieces and points,Crystal wands, Dowsing pendulums, clusters. Bulk Crystals wild quartz crystals Lemurian seed crystals crystal jewellery orgone crystal jewellery Quartz crystal crystal mala beads




Angels And Cherubs


A range of angels and cherubs from teaholders to pendants jewellery


Mala Beads



A range of Mala Beads including crystal and wood
Amazing Languages of Light Mandala Cards  


Gadgets and Gizmos



Gadgets and Gizmos -Gadgets,Gizmos and unique widgets - Firesteels.



Jewellery Various crystal pendants and necklaces,Dichroic Glass, Crop Circle,Greenwood Pendants, Chakra and Symbolic jewellery. cedar spoons

Pendulums and Divining rods


Dowsing and Divining Crystal Pendulums and Divining Rods



Carved Wooden Buddhas Very beautiful and energetic hand carved buddhas. Burmese Buddhas now in stock.

Herbs,Minerals, Empty Veg Caps and DIY capsule filler


High Nutrient Foods - Schindeles Minerals,astragalus bee pollen,bamboo fleeceflower, ganoderma,Gynostemma (Jiagulan) himalayan salt, noni and Chinese herbs , bulk herbs and Empty veg capsules and tinctures. DIY Capsule Filler



Orgone - for EMF's and energetically transforming living spaces and the environment. New Orgone-Fractalite. Unique personal orgone, orgone and sound, and large wide ranging Orgone devices. Also useful for Space Clearing. New Pewter Fairy Orgone, Orgone windchimes, Micro-Orgone Crystal Pendants and Micro Orgone Choosing orgone Gifting with Orgone Children's Orgone Travel Orgone Orgone angels Orgone FAQ's Shungite Orgone, Orgone manifesting, Orgone Bookmarks Orgone words and letters

MicroSolar Sunburst Globe Orgone feedback

Articles on Orgone


Tesla Purple Plates

Purple Plates - the Original Tesla Purple Plates for healing and raising vibration. Suitable for pets,people and food plus more. Siberian cedar pendantsand cedar spoons

Effective Micro-organisms


EM Products - effective micro-organism products - EM-1 for making Bokashi and nutritional brews, ceramic pipes,rings and Cera C powder

Tui Balmes and Waxes

Tui Balmes, Massage and Body Waxes A completely natural range of high quality products based on organic New Zealand bees wax without any artificial additives

Handmade Soaps

Natural Soaps - made with natural and organic ingredients and without chemicals

Meditation Timers and various items for meditation

Invisible Clock2s timers with a large variety of settings.Ideal for the meditator with a vibration setting. Mala beads incense and incense holders


Books and CDs


Books and CDs Brian Froud, Masuro Emoto, Kathleen Murray, Lex Van Someren, Hein Braat, Jehanne Mehta recommended reading

Puppet Sets


Finger Puppets animals, fairy tale characters, Teaching Mitts,song mitts, large puppets and others

Boxes and Bags

A lovely range of boxes and bags. See also the orgone box range

Magical and mystical

Rocks and Crystals


Coromandel Starfyre Crystals

Rare Coromandel Starfyre Quartz Crystals - amazing high vibrational crystals from New Zealand

Handblown Glass Birds

Unique handblown glass birds. Different colours and no two the same.

Brain Teasers

Metal and wooden puzzles with 6 difficulty levels.

Closing times -We are closed on bank holidays. Orders can still be placed on the website and will be dealt with the following day.

Quote of the moment

"Every molecule of air knows who you are. Every speck of dust on the planet knows who you are. It's all part of a system that you created, and it's one of life force. All of the earth, all of the things upon it are designed by a creator who is inside you in your DNA. The shift that is happening to this planet is awakening you to that and in the process you are becoming more quantum" Kyron

More Quotes here

Bargain Corner

Bargain Corner - ends of lines, sales items and other bargains including freebies.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing - products to use in your house as well as clearing done at a distance


Healing Treatments

Distance healing also available.


Click here for Healing, Crystal and Sound Courses

Click here for Equine Natural Medicine Courses






Recent additions: Gadgets and Gizmos Ringing Cedars Symbolic Jewellery

Bugs in a Box Guatamalan Worry Dolls Friendship Bracelets Schindele's Minerals Lifestraws Himalayan Salt Yoga, Meditation and Healing Firesteel Children's Teaching Mitts Dowsing and Divining Educational Kits for children Bulk Crystals Courses orgone windchimes mandala cards


Internet Sales worldwide also mail order,paypal, and telephone sales. Please note that all internet orders will be taken to the Sage (ex protx) secure server and asked for 3D secure where applicable. 3D secure is a new safety measure enforced by card companies for safer online shopping. Any problems please phone 01570 493207


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